Impressions of the hotel

Images of how your holiday could look.

Can you see it? The long history of the Tirolerhof. Can you hear it? The sound of the nearby stream. And can you feel it? Holidays that leap out at you from these photos. Inspiration and anticipation, all packed into our image gallery:

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It’s spring time

It’s spring time

06.06. – 04.07.2021

Stay longer to live more experiences!
Once the Rio di Valtina awakens, San Leonardo starts to prosper.

Starting from 296 € per person,
including half board for 5 nights

Summer Time-out

Summer Time-out

04.07. – 07.08.2021

Take a deep breath!
Breathe in the fresh mountain air, take a walk through flower meadows, ...

Starting from 415 € per person,
including half board for 7 nights