Rest and recover – consciously, healthily and sustainably

Venture outside to journey within.

Enjoy nature consciously and to the full, with all its colours, sounds and fragrances:
outside is the best for rest!

In the forest

In the forest

Just take a walk through the forest that surrounds St. Leonhard in Passeier. Inhale the scent of spruce and larch as the soft woodland floor extends under your feet like a carpet. Spending a few hours in the forest has been shown to help you stay healthy!

On the meadows

On the meadows

Whether hiking up to a mountain pasture or on a guided walk around the local area or to the nearby farms: the upland meadows of the Passeier Valley will touch the spirit, with their colourful tapestry of flowers in summer or their white snowy blanket in winter.

Along the water

Along the water

The stream next to the Tirolerhof is a constant companion for your holiday. And, if you can’t get enough of the power of water, you should definitely try the famous Waalwege, the ancient irrigation channels of the area – or hike up to one of the numerous mountain lakes in the Passeier Valley.

Sebastian Kneipp

Sebastian Kneipp once said:

„If there is any cure for me, then it has to be water.“

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Goodbye winter! 5=4

Opening Special

07.04. – 21.04.2024

Recharge your batteries with us
Our stream glistens in the warm spring sun and, with its cheerful murmur, heralds the season of new beginnings. So goodbye winter & welcome spring! Celebrate the reawakening of nature with us.

Starting from 252 € per person,
including half board for 5 nights

A little glass of wine? Wine not?

It’s spring time

01.06. – 08.06.2024

Wine is culture in a bottle and poetry in a glass!   

One week of events dedicated to the topic of wine, accompanied by your host, sommelier, and oenologist Barbara.  

Starting from 531 € per person,
including half board for 7 nights


Summer Time-out

08.06. – 05.07.2024

Stay longer to live more experiences!
This is what summer sounds like: the crickets are chirping, the bees are buzzing and our stream is bubbling with joy. Long live the summer!

Starting from 476,00 € per person,
including half board for 7 nights

Heart palpitations

Butterflies in your stomach

06.10. – 03.11.2024

Do you feel in love?
Are you floating on cloud nine? Do you have butterflies in your stomach? Or would you simply like to surprise someone you love with something special? Let yourself be inspired at the Tirolerhof!

Starting from 296,00 € per person,
including half board for 4 nights